Steven Prusky

As owner and president of Windsor Securities, Inc., Steven Prusky manages client assets through long and short investments in vehicles like index-based mutual funds, index futures, and variable annuities. Windsor’s investment team is particularly stable and experienced, with most members having been with the company for decades. Through Steven Prusky purchased Windsor in 2005, the firm’s history as a registered investment advisor goes back 40 years.

Before entering the financial services sector, Steven Prusky enrolled at Brown University, which awarded him his bachelor of arts with honors in computer science. While an undergraduate, he worked for a summer at Windsor, and, once finished with his education, became a permanent employee with the company. In this early period, he played a key role in transitioning its data collection process from manual to automated. Recognizing his talent, Windsor promoted Mr. Prusky, who co-designed its first and many subsequent trading models.

Besides his background at Windsor, Mr. Prusky has been married to his wife for more than 20 years. Together, they have several children.